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1. The holder of burial rights is known as the lot holder. A lot holder must be a baptized Christian. The lot holder purchases only the right to be buried within a specific lot. The lot holder does not purchase the land itself. The title to all cemetery land remains with Gate of Heaven Cemetery.  

2. Any ornamentation on monuments and markers should be in keeping with the sacred character of a Catholic cemetery. All monuments must be submitted to the caretakers of the cemetery for approval before they can be permitted. All foundation slabs, flower u-rings, and government markers, will be approved and emplaced by designated personnel. Individual lot holders are not allowed to order or emplace these items. See monument guidelines for more information.

3. Burial lots must be paid in full before a burial or the placement of a monument or marker. A monument must be placed within one year of burial. Please refer to the Monument Guidelines for more information.

4. Gate of Heaven Cemetery does not buy back lots. Lot holders who wish to relinquish burial rights must inform the cemetery of this decision. Gate of Heaven may offer to help the lot holder with selling the lot but does not guarantee a sale. A $100.00 administration fee will be charged to transfer the title to the new owner.

5. All lots are sold with perpetual care included. This does not include the watering of flowers, or the trimming and maintenance of shrubs placed into adjacent U-rings at individual gravesites.

6. Concrete vaults with plastic liners are required for all full body burials. All cremation urns that are not brass, bronze, copper, marble, marbleon or pewter must be interred in a cremation vault.  All cremation containers MUST be sealed.

7. One plot may contain one (1) full body burial or up to two (2) cremains burials.

8. PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT ALL ITEMS ARE SECURELY ATTACHED TO YOUR MONUMENT. ITEMS FOUND LOOSE ON THE GROUND WILL BE DISCARDED. The following exception is made: All flowers and loose items placed upon a gravesite at the time of burial, may remain for one week.

Gate of Heaven Cemetery

Burial Rates*

9. Placement of living/artificial flowers, shrubs, or ornaments may ONLY be in adjacent concrete u-rings or in urns permanently attached to the monument. Artificial flowers may also be securely placed across the top of a monument in an approved manner or holding container.  Anything placed into the ground outside of the u-rings will be removed. Any permanently planted flowers or shrubs planted in the adjacent u-rings must be maintained by the lot owner to allow for easy lawn mowing. Any found not being properly maintained by the lot owner, will be removed at the discretion of the cemetery. No weeds or refuse may be left at the gravesite.

10. Christmas wreaths are allowed but must be removed by April 15th. Any remaining after this date will be removed and discarded by the cemetery caretakers.

11. Glass items (excluding those permanently attached), aluminum cans, or containers of alcohol ARE NOT ALLOWED AT ANY TIME.

12. NO food can be left at the grave site.  Waste containers are located on the cemetery grounds for the disposal of such items.


14. There will be NO DOGS ALLOWED ON CEMETERY GROUNDS. All dogs must remain in your automobile. The cemetery land is posted, and no hunting, snowmobiling, parking, or camping is allowed on cemetery property.  

15. Grass cutting, and snow removal will be done by persons under contract with the cemetery only.

16. No trees may be planted by a lot owner.

Gate of Heaven reserves and shall have, the right to correct any errors made in all aspects related to the cemetery as to the best interest of the cemetery.

Lot Pricing*

Full Body
Burial Lot


Baby Section

No Charge

Burial Lot


 Veteran Lot


 Veteran Lot  Spouse


May 1 - October 31

Monday  - 3 PM Friday

Full Vault Burial


 Cremation Burial


 Baby Section


November 1 - April 30

Full Vault Burial


Cremation Burial


Baby Section


St. Therese Parish operates Gate of Heaven Cemetery. As one of the largest cemeteries in Central Wisconsin, it has undergone many improvements during the past several years including the building of a cemetery garage, paving of roads and the planting of 16,000 trees.

Sundays and Holidays

Absolutely no burials will take place on a Sunday or Holiday.

* all prices are subject to change without notice. Please call to verify current pricing.

All questions and inquiries may be directed to:

Gate of Heaven
Cemetery Association

112 West Kort Street

Schofield, WI  54476

Contact our Cemetery Manager
at 715-551-2778


John Czerwonka, Cemetery Manager

112 West Kort Street Schofield, WI   715-551-2778

Gate of Heaven Cemetery is a Catholic cemetery operated by Saint Therese of the Child Jesus parish. The cemetery is located at

1399 Gate of Heaven Drive, Kronenwetter, WI 54455

and is overseen by the Diocese of La Crosse.

It has been blessed and is considered a sacred place.

Non-Christian ceremonies are not permitted in the cemetery.

Let it be known that these regulations are the current regulations and displace any and all previous regulations rendering any and all previous regulations null and void as of the date of revision listed.


Pricing Information

Cemetery Regulations

Monument Guidelines

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Increased Weekend Rates

Full Vault Burial

Friday 3 p.m. - Monday Noon


Cremation Burial

Friday 3 p.m. - Saturday


Baby Section

Friday 3 p.m. - Saturday


Columbarium Section

Friday 3 p.m. - Saturday


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