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Before we can celebrate the Marriage Rite of the Catholic Church, we must first know if you are free to marry according to the laws of marriage in the Catholic Church.

Conditions which could delay or prohibit marriage are:

 It is possible to reconcile any of these problems with time.

However, no date can be set until we are assured that at

the time of marriage you have complete freedom to marry.

In the case of a mixed marriage (marriage of a Catholic and non-Catholic) the Catholic party must agree to the following:

Lack of agreement to these conditions would prohibit
marriage in the Catholic Church.

You may check to see when openings are available for hall rental, bands, and so on, but do not set a date with them until we have finalized a date for the wedding. This will alleviate much trouble which could potentially result from booking a hall only to find that the church is not available for such a date. It is strongly recommended that you have possible dates ready and we can check them against our calendar.

Documents and information you will need as you begin to prepare for
marriage in the Church:

Preparations for Holy Matrimony

Dear Engaged Couple,

Congratulations on your engagement, and may the Holy Spirit guide you through these months of preparation.

You have asked to celebrate the Sacrament of Marriage within the parish community of Saint Therese. Keeping in mind the saying, “A wedding is for a day; but a marriage is for a lifetime,” we will do our best to prepare you for your wedding day and for the lifetime of marriage that is before you.

There are two important aspects to your preparation: one, the immediate planning of your wedding day, and two, the lifelong union of your marriage from the moment you walk out of church. While you may be consumed with details regarding the wedding day, we ask that you use the time of marriage preparation well, strengthening your relationship with each other, with God, and with the Church so that your marriage and family life will be happy and fruitful.

Included in our booklet are wedding guidelines and policies we follow regarding preparation for the Sacrament of Marriage. You should read through them thoroughly before your first meeting and make a note of any questions you may have. Also included is a special pastoral letter regarding cohabitation before marriage emphasizing how cohabitation changes the nature of your preparation and the way in which the wedding is celebrated in church.

The last part of our booklet concerns guidelines for the selection of music. Please make a note of any questions you might have and bring them with you to our first meeting.

God bless both of you. We look forward to working with you in the months ahead!


Rev. Joseph Albert

A Letter from the Pastor

Some Considerations Regarding Your Wedding

Preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage

Marriage Preparation assists you in understanding the “purposes and essential properties of marriage” as understood and taught by the Catholic Church. This means that, to the best of our ability, we will look at your intellectual, psychological, and spiritual readiness to undertake the vocation of marriage.

We use the following steps to accomplish this:

At this meeting you and the priest will discuss your intentions and fill out the M-A form. This form in an information sheet containing all of the necessary data needed to begin your marriage preparation. (If the priest is unfamiliar with you, you may be asked to have a M-B form filled out as well by someone who knows you well, such as your parents, if possible. (This is done as an interview by a cleric who signs the form to validate the information.)

View or Download:

Our Marriage Preparation Booklet

Diocesan Marriage Preparation Checklist

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