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Safe Haven Sunday - March 10, 2019

In the coming weeks, you will be learning more about this initiative that will equip parents to protect their family from the ill effects of pornography.

Why is this important?

According to the Journal of Adolescent Health,
prolonged exposure to pornography leads to:

• Belief that marriage is sexually confining.

• Lack of attraction to family and child-raising.

• Cynicism about love or the need for affection between sexual partners.


According to sociologist Jill Manning, research indicates pornography
consumption is associated with the following six societal trends:

1. Increased marital distress, and risk of separation and divorce.

2. Decreased marital intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

3. Infidelity.

4. Increased appetite for more graphic types of pornography and
sexual activity associated with abusive, illegal or unsafe practices.

5. Devaluation of monogamy, marriage and child rearing.

6. An increasing number of people struggling with compulsive
and addictive sexual behavior.

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